What knowledge is acquired?

The “Choose IT” retraining program prepares junior software developers. They are taught how to:

  • plan the product (application, system component) and its architectural solutions;
  • write program code;
  • integrate created applications with other system components;
  • test applications;
  • deploy and install solutions;
  • document solutions, manage the sequence of document (and system) changes;
  • participate in both independent and team-based software development work;
  • participate in the development process in various work modes and roles.

How long is the course?

The contact learning at the training center takes place for 6 weeks. The internship in companies lasts for 8 weeks. In total, it takes a minimum of 3.5 months to complete the studies.

How does the retraining take place?

The learning is very practical in nature. Contact training and practical learning in a company take place 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Contact learning at the training center occurs in groups of approximately 22 members on average. Companies typically offer internships to 1-4 retrainees at a time. This largely depends on the company’s ability to offer supervised internships and the projects the company is involved in at the time. It’s advisable to start looking for internship positions early. In cooperation with BCS Training, we share information about you with companies, but you will secure the best internship position if you are proactive. We also provide advice on what to consider when introducing yourself to an IT company.

When does the next training group start?

The application for the 2024 groups is open. The next group starts in July 2024 (full stack). For more detailed information about the next training groups, you can write to info@vali-it.ee