Practical learning in a company

Internships can be conducted in the following roles:

  • Software Developer
  • Test Automator
  • Database Scripter
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Analyst
  • Project Manager

Practical learning in the company lasts 8 weeks and is generally unpaid.

Companies typically offer internships to 1-4 retrainees at a time. This largely depends on the company’s ability to provide internship supervisors and the projects the company is involved in at the moment.

It’s advisable to start looking for internship positions early. In cooperation with BCS Training, we share information about you with companies, but you will secure the best internship position if you are proactive. We also offer advice on what to consider when introducing yourself to an IT company.

The content of the Choose IT! traditional training largely focuses on learning the use of IDEs, working with Git, frameworks, and syntax acquisition. Participants in the Choose IT! training generally learn based on JAVA. Occasionally, we have also opened groups based on other languages. The learning itself is largely hands-on. Statistics have shown the interns’ capability to start and also get employed in entirely new development environments.

"Vali IT!" programmis osalejad on olnud praktikal järgmistes ettevõtetes: