How can you finance participation in the "Choose IT!" retraining program?

The retraining program consists of two training modules. The cost of the contact learning training is 2340 EUR. The cost of practical learning is 150 EUR. The total cost of the retraining program, including VAT, is 2490 EUR.

From September 2023, the total cost of the retraining program, including VAT, is 2499.60 EUR.

For more information on financing options, inquire further by writing to:

Are the costs of participating in the "Choose IT!" training (travel expenses, accommodation) reimbursed?

No, all incidental costs related to participating in the training are borne by the participants themselves.

Is it possible to participate in the training while working?

The training requires 100% of your working hours and is very intensive. Experience from previous groups shows that working in the evenings and on weekends is not advisable. Both the contact learning days at the training center and the internship days in companies last 8 hours a day. Contact learning and internships take place 5 days a week, with Saturday and Sunday as days off.

What are the opportunities to become a software developer after the training?

What are the opportunities to become a software developer after the training?

There is a high demand in the job market today for specialists with software developer qualifications. Companies collaborating with the “Choose IT!” program are ready to employ those who have completed the training if they are suitable. Completing the program does not guarantee a job for the graduates. However, the main motivation and goal of the cooperating internship companies is that the trainees are capable of starting work in these companies. The main prerequisite for obtaining a job is the participant’s own activity and motivation. This applies both to learning and to presenting oneself as an attractive candidate for employment. The organizers of the program do everything to find the best possible match between the candidates’ profiles and the needs of the companies.

However, this training is just the first step towards becoming a serious software developer. The trainees acquire the basic skills of a software developer. To achieve the capability of an independent developer, at least a year of practical work is required.

Finding a suitable job primarily depends on each graduate themselves. The training supports meetings between employers and job seekers.

In the pilot group, job offers were made to about a third of the participants immediately after the internship.

How does participation in the retraining take place on a daily basis?

Contact learning usually lasts from 9 AM to 5 PM at the BCS Training education center. If contact learning is not possible, the training takes place via online learning. Practical learning in a company takes place in an IT company operating in Estonia, according to agreement, either 6 or 8 hours on workdays.

Where does the contact learning take place?

The contact learning takes place in the center of Tallinn, at Aia 7, or virtually if necessary.

What programming languages are taught?

The primary programming language of the retraining program, on which the training is based, is Java. Additional languages chosen by lecturers and necessary for the implementation of personal projects include, for example: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL.