Why apply?

Are you looking for a new challenge and self-fulfillment? Do you want to enhance your current skills with highly demanded IT skills in the job market? 

Lifelong learning is an inevitability nowadays. If your current job and income are not satisfying, it is necessary to learn new skills that are in demand in the market. One of the most promising fields is IT, where there is a plethora of exciting and rewarding work for software developers both today and in the future. 

Who is expected to apply?

Citizens of the Republic of Estonia or holders of a long-term resident’s residence and work permit, who have obtained higher education or vocational education in a technical field (level 5), are welcome to apply for the “Choose IT!” retraining program. 

In the case of higher education, the candidate must possess at least a bachelor’s degree, or if you have discontinued your studies, then at least half of the curriculum must have been completed. 

If studies have been discontinued, the candidate must have previously studied in a higher education program (i.e., professional higher education, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, integrated studies based on bachelor’s and master’s curricula, except for 1-year teacher training) for more than half of the nominal duration of the curriculum. And who have discontinued their studies in such a way that at the moment of being de-registered from the curriculum, at least 50% of the curriculum volume (at least 90ECTs) has been completed. 

Candidates applying on the basis of vocational education in a technical field must have completed the vocational education program in its entirety and received the respective certificate (level 5). 

When does the course begin?

The course starts several times a year. For specific dates, inquire further from the Choose-IT team -> info@vali-it.ee 

What are the language requirements?

Candidates must be proficient in English. A minimum level of B2.2 is expected. 

What work experience is required?

The candidate must have at least 3 years of work experience, preferably in a position of the complexity of higher education, except for work experience in a position requiring IT education. Your work experience is important when applying, as we assess the value and suitability of your experiences for software development. 

What should the candidates motivation be?

After completing theChoose IT!” program, the candidate must be genuinely ready to start working in a position related to IT software development. We are looking for people who truly want to embrace new challenges in the IT field, based on their existing experience and newly acquired software development skills. 

What must the candidate consider?

During the retraining, theChoose IT!” courses offer intensive contact learning and practical training within a company. The candidate must cover all their daily living expenses during this period. 

How is the selection of candidates carried out?

Stage I – Review of submitted applications, initial selection of candidates based on questionnaires – fulfillment of education and work experience requirements + suitability of existing experience and motivation with the program’s objectives. 

Stage II – Candidates selected based on questionnaires are invited to a spatial ability test (Tripod RVS). The testing is conducted online (the test lasts about 1 hour). We have set the requirement for the Tripod test result as a cumulative spatial ability level that must be between 40-50%. In practice, about 1/3 of those tested have passed the test at the required level. 

Stage III – Interview to specify the candidate’s motivation and possibilities for participation. 

Stage IV – Final selection of candidates based on profiles, test results, and interviews. Candidates are notified by email. 

Information for applicants: 

We continuously analyze applications and invite candidates for testing according to the opening of new groups. We aim to assemble groups and inform candidates typically 1-3 months in advance. 

Applications are open for the course starting in July 2024. 

We will send initial feedback about the candidate’s status to participants who have submitted an application form within two months of applying. If the information letter has not reached you for any reason, please write to info@vali-it.ee